Go For Biodegradable Plastic Bags To Save Nature & Let Nature Save Us!

As we all understand that Plastic is the biggest threat to the environment! We all know and understand the toxic nature of plastic that is ruining and destroying the environment!

So why do we still use plastic? Many countries have banned the use of plastic bags to decrease the use of it, however, we still see the bags being used by many people.

We, humans, are so addicted to the use of plastic bags, that it is almost impossible to stop people from using plastic.

Why not, after all the plastic bags are free when you go shopping! And when we get something for free, then who cares for the environment?

Well, we do! And we are sure many of you do too!

Hence, we at JFK Enterprises have started our mission to save the environment from plastic bags!

As we understand that people are used to using plastic, we wanted to create something that looks and feels like plastic, but, something that is 100% environmentally friendly!

So we started making bags made up of Biodegradable plastic! Bags that can be recycled and destroyed without damaging the environment!

JFK Enterprises is a proprietary firm established by me in the year 2016.

Our love for the environment drove us to close down our garment factory and branch out into a field that was eco friendly and helped people do their bit for the environment.

JFK Enterprises deals ONLY in 100% bio-degradable garbage bags in various sizes and colors.

All our products are certified by NTC (National Toxicology Committee) where it is tested for bio-degradation and required strength. Our production unit, Jasdeep Enterprises, situated at Mulund in suburban Mumbai, has state-of-the-art machinery. The entire manufacturing process is completely mechanized, except for the intrusion of granules into the machines and the final packing stage.

Our garbage bags are ideally suited for residences, housing societies, offices, restaurants, hotels, etc.

We also deal in bio-hazard garbage bags which are ideally suited to the needs of hospitals and clinics.

So why wait to contribute your bit towards a safe environment? Click Here to contact us!

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